Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sophie's First Birthday!

One year ago today we were tremendously blessed with the birth of our daughter Sophie. She is a true joy. She brings so much light and happiness into our lives. Today we celebrated her arrival. She was overjoyed at times, grumpy at other times, and even had to suffer a bit of diaper rash toward the end of the day, but it was definitely her day!
I have a video to share with you all. We wish that you could have been with us, to surround our Sophie with many friends and family, but we are ever so grateful for technology that allows us to share this milestone with you.
Here's a recap of the day:
Sophie woke up and ate BANANA PANCAKES. Then she opened her first gift (see video).

After that she rode in her new forward facing carseat to drop daddy off to work. Then we came back home to a movie and phone calls from Nana and Papa. Oh, and I forgot to mention that her alligator xylophone (first present)was present on this excursion. She would not let go of it. Later we made cupcakes, took a walk to the park and rode on all the toys, saw the goose, made a new friend; Aiden, and ate tuna noodle casserole for dinner. Yum.
Then our friends/cousins the Yergensens came over for cupcakes and ice cream. It actually took Sophie a minute to realize she was to eat the cupcake. I had to give her a little taste so she could catch on that it wasn't something she wanted to smear all over her high-chair, but rather something she really wanted to eat. Then we started a fire in our firepit, saw it burn for a bit, and headed in for bath time. It really was such a great day for our little Sophie. We love her so much.

I forgot to mention that because of the diaper rash she didn't want to scoot on her bum so she finally tried crawling for the first time. It was pretty comical as she is still getting the hang of it. But she seems to enjoy doing it.

Hope you enjoy this lengthy, but important post.


Matt said...

Wow, she immediately knew what to do on the xylophone. You have a smart one on your hands!

The Fifes said...

Happy Birthday Sophie!! She is so adorable. Thanks for sharing both the movie and birthday fun details. Have a great day! love you.

nicwoo said...

What a sweetie! Looks like you had a special day for a very special baby girl! First birthday for first child-- it is a milestone for everyone.

Jami said...

Oh man, I meant to make this comment on her birthday, but Happy Post-Birthday Sophie! Who would have thought that diaper rash would have it's benefits? I'm proud of her for figuring out the crawling thing!