Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why I love Mr. Bliss

A couple weeks ago Mr. Bliss and I finally watched Kung Fu Panda. He was rolling in laughter as I fell asleep on the couch. (I later watched the movie start to finish with him for his third time).

Well, fast forward to just a few nights ago. We were getting ready to retire to bed. He was locking the door and I asked if he would put out the candle while I finished up something on the computer. I heard a couple snaps, maybe a clap or two when I looked up and realized he was pretty determined to use his Kung Fu to put out the candle. This made me giggle and he looked up at me with his innocent expression that soon turned into a huge grin that spread wide across his whole demeanor.

And that is one reason why I love Mr. Bliss.

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michaelandjamie said...

Ella absolutely loves Kungfu Panda. We got our tree at a tree farm on Fletcher ave, just off of 14th Street. It's really close to the Rogers house.