Thursday, March 08, 2012

Got me down...

Had the Flu last week. The actual flu. Tested positive and all. The Dr. was skeptical, "Everyone is coming in because of this virus, it's not the flu, but we'll test you since you have little ones at home..." Then the phone call, "Ummmm...well, you tested positive for influenza A, so..."

So that's had me down and OUT for a bit.

And, little Henry is Potty TRAINED!!! He's a champ at it too. It clicked and once it clicked it was GREAT! What a relief (for him and for me).

This is a pretty good description of how I felt all last week, and still feel though I am MUCH much better I just don't know how much I want to interact with the world just yet!

And, on the other hand, I'm SUPER excited because I'm driving to Idaho tomorrow to send my Step-mom off on her mission to Nauvoo! What a great place to be on a mission. I'm so jealous of her, and then I think about wearing the pioneer garb in the middle of a Nauvoo summer and I rethink my jealousy! I love you Margie and I am so happy for you!

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Sharee said...

Nauvoo?! How cool! Nathan played the bagpipes for the Nauvoo pageant several years back. It's a beautiful place. I'm so happy for her. I hope you're feeling better.