Thursday, December 06, 2012

Counting Blessings

This morning something truly scary happened. Scary like, Henry came and happily informed me that he put a jelly bean in Rose's mouth, scary. (He was so pleased with himself for feeding her and for giving her a jelly bean.)

I ran and grabbed her, swiped my finger and found nothing. Then I calmly sat and just watched her. Black spit oozed out and I knew it was still in there. So I swiped again and found it in her cheek.

I am so grateful for each of my children. I couldn't bear the thought of losing one. I'm counting my blessings today for Rose's beautiful cheeks which securely held that jelly bean away from her throat, and I am also counting my blessings that Henry would come and tell me what he did. 

1 comment:

josie said...

Is it bad that I really want some jelly beans now? :)

I am so glad Rose was okay. Scary!