Thursday, January 08, 2009

Donita Quixote

Yes, yes, it is true. Sophie still has her Binki. We try to keep it limited to naps and night time only, but we also drag it out when we are headed somewhere that she could cause a ruckus. But, with baby #2 getting closer and closer I have been debating with myself for quite sometime: Do I take it away before or after the baby comes?

She often throws her binki's out of her crib throughout the night and ends up without them anyway so today I tried an experiment. I decided to not go in and save the binki's and return them to her during her nap time. It took her an hour and a half of talking, playing with her socks, and an occasional shout out to finally fall asleep. Then I also (as of 5 minutes ago) tried putting her to bed without her binki.

Have I started a monster? Will she want a binki when our other baby has his? Or, will three months without it be enough and she'll never look back? Am I doing the right thing to try to get her off now? Or should I wait until she's two?


michaelandjamie said...

Jamie and I think that you are doing the right thing. She might pitch a fit to have it at first, but it will be so good in the long run. Lola cried for 3 nights, then she was over it and hasn't looked back since. That is just our opinion and experience. Good luck.

Kimmay said...

Good grief! I have no idea...but it sounds like you are doing the right thing. I am trying not to think of the day when I have to get rid of the binki. It is a beautiful thing...but it might be really tough to get Sophie off the binki if the baby has one, and all of a sudden she doesn't. Keep up the tough love!

The Fifes said...

when the baby comes she most likely will imitate the baby. But i think you're doing the right thing. :)

nicwoo said...

She probably won't want one and have forgotten about it/not associate with it when #2 starts using one... unless she is in need of some extra "TLC" and without as much attention.
We're at the same point, and I might try to just start "loosing" them slowly until they are too hard to find. And say we need to not get more so other little babies can have them for a while. I've heard.
-An idea. We'll see with ya! :)