Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zoobnaya Pasta (Toothy Paste)

I grew up with a mixed childhood. My teeth were brushed with practically anything. When I lived with my mom I could sometimes saunter into the bathroom for a Melaluca tooth brushing experience. Then, BEHOLD, the Mentadent pump came into our bathroom scene. Once my mom discovered Mentadent in our bathroom it was practically love. There were times though. Oh there were times. When, upon the unfortunate discovery that our pump was empty, my teeth had the experience of brushing with Baking Soda and rinsing with hydrogen peroxide.

When I moved to Blackfoot I had a whole new world opened up to me: COLGATE. Oh, I remember my first time brushing with Colgate. It was a great feeling. That was it for me. My toothpaste LOVE. I realized I was a Colgate girl. Sometimes I would wake to a brand new tube of Crest and I cringed at the thought of brushing with that until it was gone.

When I moved to college I was strict in my Colgate love affair. There was never a day that I would dare brush with anything else. Thus my life has been until now.

What's happening now, you ask?'s called a RECESSION. And Colgate is more expensive. At our local Sam's Club we compared prices and we simply had to save the 15 cents per tube that Crest would save us. So, reluctantly I bought crest. And my first tooth brushing was...well it was sad. I didn't want to like anything about my new toothpaste. I didn't want to enjoy my clean teeth feeling. I didn't want to like it at all. The next morning I woke, brushed my teeth and I still didn't want to have anything to do with liking what was happening in my mouth, but I did. I liked it.

"Hey, TJ. This Crest is SPICY!!!" (That is a good thing if you are wondering). I called out as I licked my smooth, clean teeth.

So, slowly, faster than I had expected, but still slowly, I have begun to enjoy brushing with something other than my beloved Colgate.

I've always been a Colgate girl, even before I was, I knew I would be one. But now it's all changing. So, what does that mean? Am I a Crest girl? Or am I simply a poor Colgate girl? I a Crest-gate girl?

What are you?


Anonymous said...

I am a colgate Icy Blast. I am obsessed with brushing my teeth and for a while, no stores whatsoever in Idaho Falls carried the Icy Blast. I found it somewhere and bought it all. I am in love and if you like spicy - it's like tingly spicy. By the way, that was the best post ever!

The Fifes said...

:) i'm a cheapskate. Whatever goes with the budget. :)

The Bliss Bouquet said...

I'm not exactly sure what girl I am, but I KNOW what I'm not! Now, normally, I really like cinnamon, but when paired with mint in a toothpaste format, I just lose all respect for it. Oh, cinnamon! Why did you sell out like that??

melinda said...

I like the crest-gate. :) Your Sophie couldn't be cuter. Oh I love that video below...great idea taping her when she didn't know it!

Line said...

I never had a preference, but I always went with either Crest or Colgate. However, I have recently started coupon shopping and I got TWELVE boxes of Colgate toothpaste from KMart absolutely FREE. Just a few months ago, I also got TEN boxes of Crest toothpaste for free from Albertsons. I think we're set for the next 6 months or so with toothpaste. :)

Anyway, this long explanation is leading to something... I don't know how it works in Nebraska, but here in Utah, there's coupons in the Sunday paper, which we also get Sat night or early Mon morning if there's leftovers. Coupon shopping is great, maybe you can look into it and return to your beloved Colgate. :)

P.S. I don't know if you ever emailed me so that I can invite you to our private blog. Drop a line when you get a chance.