Friday, April 11, 2008

A cute pic of my hubby!

Just another reason to add to the list "Why I Heart TJ Bliss."

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Debra Darling said...

It turns out that TJ and Brent Yergensen (the other chap in this photo) are actually third cousins, sharing Norman Ingles Bliss and Lydia Maria Fisk Stout as great-great grandparents. Brent comes through Lillie Cecilia Bliss and TJ comes through Norman Ingles Bliss Jr., who were siblings. Essentially, Grandpa Bliss' aunt Lillie is Brent's great-grandmother. Unfortunately, Grandpa Joe never knew his aunt Lillie because she died in 1914 giving birth to Grandpa's cousin Veida (Brent's paternal grandmother). Small world, eh?